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Minnesota State University, Mankato College of Education

Our Mission

We strive to deliver a premier 21st century teacher educator program where emphasis is placed on facilitating students' knowledge, critical reflection and responsive teaching through a culture of care.

The journeys of our students are intentionally impacted by: strategic partnerships, emphasis on the uniqueness of individuals, value-added opportunities and a reciprocal dynamic of theoretical practice that is grounded in inquiry, collaboration, and scholarship.

Ultimately, we emulate effective practices that the learning communities, which we seek to create in schools, would exemplify.

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Elementary Education Overview

The Elementary Education page is separated into three different categories: academics, self-discovery and career exploration. This is my first semester accepted into the program. I have found that the three different categories fully encompass my first semester and will continue to grow throughout the next two years.

            The first section is focused on the academic portion of my elementary education experience. My first semester I took classes on reading fundamentals, Kindergarten Methods, Assessment, and Classroom Management. On Fridays, we also had the opportunity to take part in Professional Seminars. Outside of Block 1 I took an independent class focusing on a research project through the College of Education. I have chosen to include specific artifacts from different classes to portray the academia that I have learned and to show the development of my study skills. One artifact is a blueprint I completed on a second grade unit. I also included an example of Cornell notes. Cornell notes are a set of notes taken including questions relating to Bloom's taxonomy and a summary, analysis and reflection at the end of each topic. I have also included an observation diagram. The observations are of literacy teaching from a video watched in class. Each artifact in this tab shows the variety of different academic skills learned in class and the level of critical thinking used.

            The second section focuses on the self-discovery portion of my elementary education experience. Over the course of the semester I learned many new skills, theories, perspectives and differing opinions. As I learned about different subjects more in depth I learned more about myself as a teacher and personally. Many classes prompted different reflections that encouraged self-discovery. There were two classes in particular that stood out to me. One was my classroom management class. After reading through two sections of classroom management techniques we were asked to write a reflection. I included my reflection on the page to show how I have used the techniques learned to discover more about my teaching technique. In my Reading Fundamentals class we looked a lot at racial equity using the book by Glenn Singleton, Courageous Conversations. Throughout the semester I learned a considerable amount about the racial achievement gap and how important multicultural awareness is. The artifact I chose to show conveys my thoughts correlating with excerpts from the book.

            Finally, the third section focuses on the career exploration during my pre-service learning. As I finally begin to enter more fully into the field, I am exploring many real world experiences. The artifacts I have chosen to share relating to career exploration reflect my personal review on different items. One review is on an article relating to multicultural awareness through dramatic play centers. The other is a review on a web site called ABCmouse. I am starting to research different resources accessible to teachers and keeping files on the best ideas that I will be able to implement in my future classrooms.

            Thank you for visiting my Elementary Education page. I hope you learn more about my experiences and myself through visiting the different pages. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through email at  

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