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Leadership Positions at the Annual Fund Call Center

Start Date  January 12, 2015

My very first job was as a student fundraising assistant at the Annual Fund Call Center. This job offered many opportunities for me to grow as a leader. Within my first semester I was promoted to high donor team and CDC calling. After my first year, I applied and was accepted on the Supervisor Management Team. I started of as an Associate Supervisor, moved to Assistant Supervisor and then manager. Finally, in spring  2016 I was promoted to Lead Manager. This meant that one night a week I lead a shift. I was in charge of making sure the shift ran smoothly, answering questions my teammates had, making executive decisions and reporting back to the Assistant Director. Taking on a higher role on the student management team has given me a chance to really grow as a leader. I learned how to lead within a team and work on my authentic leadership style. In particular, our end of the semester supervisor reviews allowed me a time to reflect on my current leadership style and how I can improve as a leader. My first year as a supervisor I struggled with seeming fake and cheesy in the call center and some of my employers did not think I respected them. I used the information and my knowledge of authentic leadership to change my style. By the end, I had grown more personal relationships with my fellow employers and became more genuine in my leading. We learned to respect each other in the work environment. 

Prospect Research Student Assistant

The Summer of 2015 I started a job under University Advancement as a Prospect Research Student Assistant. This job has given a new meaning of research to me. Instead of looking at scholarly articles, I am looking at Google alerts, obituaries, local magazines, LinkedIn etc. to find information on our alumni. It has helped me to grow in the research competency through the information literacy level. Through this job I have learned how to access information effectively, efficiently and critically as I have to sort through many different sources to find critical information about our alumni. I learned on the job how to evaluate which information was useful and then implement it into our database. Since I had access to the school's database, I also had demonstrate knowledge of ethical use of information. I had access to personal and private information that I couldn't ethically spread to others outside of my workplace. The research I do helps the school keep up to date with our alumni and make connections that will help further the advancement of the university. 

Student Consultant on Teaching

Sarah Richards
Start Date  April 8, 2015

Spring 2014 Annual Fund Team

Spring 2014 Annual Fund Team

Supervisor Position

Towards the end of my second semester at the Alumni Foundation Center, my boss was looking for new supervisors for the upcoming year. After applying and interviewing, I was selected to be a supervisor for next year. The responsibilities go beyond making phone calls to our alumni. As part of the student management team, I will be making sure that all questions are answered so that our callers can be the best fundraisers, providing encouragement, fixing mistakes, updating folders and all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into each pledge we receive. I am very excited to start my new position as supervisor in August!

High Donor Team

Within the first semester working for the Alumni Foundation Center, I was selected to join the High Donor Team as a student caller. To be on the high donor team, my boss and the student management team selects the callers who are consistent in making good calls, make few errors and build great rapport throughout each call. To be a part of the High Donor Team means that I called the alumni who give each year. It is important to build a connection with each prospect in the hopes that they will continue to give each year, and also to make a good impression on our alumni on behalf of the university. 

Career Development Center Surveys

For about a month each year the Alumni Foundation Center will call recent graduates on behalf of the Career Development Center. However, the calls are a bit different than our usual calls to alumni because we are doing surveys instead. Another small group of callers were chosen to be a part of the CDC team, separate from the High Donor Team. To be a part of the CDC Team you had to make consistently good calls, make few errors and be able to adjust quickly to a new script. 

First Job

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24th Annual End of the Year Celebration

24th Annual End of the Year Celebration

Meeting Dr. Walter Zakahi

Meeting Dr. Walter Zakahi
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